Best Traditions of Happy New Year 2018 for Romantic Couples

The New Year 2018 is going to start very soon so on this auspicious occasion of the beginning of the new year 2018 and ending of the old year 2017.This is the best time for the couples to share their precious feelings with each other and increase the happiness between them. The couple life of the two can only be successful if there is romance between them. And this is the best phase for the couples to do romance on this NEW YEAR 2018 celebration.

For making their life romantic there are certain traditions that they need to follow and following these traditions will increase the love between them. We have some of the best traditions that a romantic couple needs to follow in order to celebrate the NEW Year 2018 celebration lovely.

The traditions of the Happy New Year 2018 for the Romantic Couples are:-


Dance is the best way to show our happiness. Whenever we are happy we feel like doing dance. Dance is the symbol of happiness. And to Dance with the partner would be the symbol of the ultimate happiness. The Dance of the couple shows the true love between them and helps to increase the love between them. The dance with your loved one on the New Year 2018 celebration is best part of the New Year 2018 celebration. Without this the celebration cannot be complete.


Kiss is the idea of the love between the two people. When two people kiss each other it shows that they two are strongly attached with each other. In the upcoming new year 2018 the best part would be kissing your partner. Kissing your partner on the New Year 2018 is one of the most important and best traditions among the romantic couples.

Test Out A New Cuisine

On this new auspicious event of Happy New Year 2018 trying out new cuisines and trying new dishes with your partner or the loved one would one of the best thing you should do. Exploring new hotels as a couple together would surely increases the love between the other and thus making their new year 2018 wonderful.

Break Plates or Glasses

Breaking the plates and glasses on the arrival of the New Year 2018 is considered as the good luck for the young romantic couples. It is a strong belief that breaking of glass on the new arrival of the year considered good for the fate of the whole year.

Hence the tradition of the Happy New Year 2018 for the romantic couples should be followed by all the couples in order to increase the love and affection between the two and 

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