Customs And Rituals Followed For Celebrating New Year 2018 In China

Happy New Year 2018 is the most celebrated day or event in the China.People us e to celebrate this day with full joy and eagerness.The people of China have a very strong connection with this day.They on Happy New Year 2018 not only do party and have fun but also follow some of the rituals and customs which are followed by the people of the China since ancient times.They have a special way of celebrating the Happy New Year in China.
There are many ways customs and traditions the people of China use to follow to celebrate the New Year Some of these customs and traditions are given bellow:-

  • Reunion Dinner By Different Families

The people of the China use to gather on the New Year Eve. They use to celebrate the New Year Eve by having the dinner at someone’s place. This is an very important ritual of Chinese people as they have been following this ritual since ancient years.The dinner of the Happy NEW Year 2018 eve is carried on by the food made by the people of the house only.Multiple dishes are prepared for the decoration of these dishses.In China people belive in the belief that eatinf fish will increase their wealth and they would become rich over night.

  • Envelopes of Red Color

This is one of the interesting rituals followed by the people of China. In this the people use to get money from the elders. These money gifts are received to the younger ones in the red color envelope. The Envelops are of red color and are given to the younger ones by the elder.These envelopes are considered as blessings to the people of China.

  • Fireworks And Firecrackers

The night of the China on the NEW YEARs  Eve 2018 is decorated by color full crackers.These fire crackers are burnt by all the people feeling the joy of the New Year. These firecrackers create a loud noise and hence remain the center of attraction for the people of China.
This is also one of the important rituals of the people of China .The people of China use to perform dance wearing the dragon dress. IT seems as if the Dragon is dancing on the road.The people of China use to participate in this circus of Happy New Year 2018.Two people group use to perform the lion dance all the way  beautifully.

  • Decoration

Whole China is decorated with flowers and color and lights. The New Years Eve is considered as the important and most celebrated festival of the China. So the whole country is decorated like the bride. Everywhere you can see the lights and colors spreading all over the China increasing the glory of China.

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